ardo alyssa hands-free

Portable & hands-free pump

The Ardo Alyssa Hands-Free is a high-quality, portable electric breastpump.

The pleasantly soft milk collection cups are worn directly in your bra and allow you to express hands-free and in comfort, so you can turn your attention to other things while expressing.

Thanks to the attached lanyard, this compact pump is portable. That means you can stay on the move, even while expressing.


Hands-free expressing

Win back your flexibility & time

Express while you’re getting on with other tasks. This saves valuable time, which you can then use to do other things.

Or simply sit back and relax in peace while you express. You don’t have to actively keep holding the pumpset in position, which can have a positive impact on the amount of milk you produce.

Whether you're relaxing or multi-tasking, you’ll win back your time and flexibility thanks to hands-free expressing.


Milk collection cups

Lightweight, comfortable and convenient

The portable pumpset is comfortably concealed in a nursing bra, so you can express more discretely and inconspicuously than with conventional pumpsets.

The milk collection cups are lightweight, fit into most nursing bras and can hold up to 180 ml in volume. This makes them just as suitable for mothers who produce large volumes of milk.

The breast shells are made from pleasantly soft silicone and make expressing a comfortable experience.


Increasing milk volumes

With breast massage while expressing

Since the pump is hands-free, you can perform breast massage or manual stimulation during expressing, which can increase milk production.

With the collection cups concealed under your shirt during expressing, you won’t be tempted to constantly check or monitor the volume of expressed milk.

For many women, this takes a lot of stress out of the process and makes them more relaxed, which can have a positive impact on milk volume.



Do I need a special type of bra?

No. The milk collection cups fit into most bras. Choose a bra made of a stretchy material. The collection cups will usually fit into a breastfeeding bra better than into a normal bra. However, some women who are breastfeeding find that a bustier is better than a bra.

How do I clean and disinfect the pumpset?

  • Before and after every use, dismantle the pumpset and rinse parts under cold tap water for one minute.
  • Clean using commercial detergent and warm water (not over 40°C) then rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Take particular care when cleaning the valve and membrane, and don’t use brushes on these parts.
  • Check for damage regularly and replace damaged parts.
  • Leave the parts to air dry in a clean location. Note: Do not wash tubes, tube connectors or carrying solution.
  • Disinfection after cleaning: Sterilise parts for five minutes then allow them to cool and dry. Check the pumpset for damage after each cycle. Do not sterilise the membrane cap, tubes, tube connectors or carrying solution.
Can I store breast milk in the milk collection cups?

Please do not store expressed breast milk directly in the collection cups. Instead, decant the milk through the opening in the collection cup into a suitable breast milk bottle or breast milk storage bag.

Click here to find out how to store expressed breast milk correctly.