ardo carum

Breastpump for hospitals and hire

With Ardo Carum we have set important benchmarks and thus provide a professional hospital-grade breastpump that satisfies the most stringent demands of mothers and hospital staff. The hospital-grade breastpump also impresses with additional useful and valuable functions.


ardo bellis

Breastpump for hire

The robust construction and the userfriendly operation make the multi-user breastpump Ardo Bellis the ideal rental pump at home and on the go.


ardo clinic pumpset

Pumpset for hospitals

The Ardo Clinic pumpset offers mothers all the safety advantages when expressing breast milk. The set is flexible regarding breast shell sizes and provides a pleasant expressing experience thanks to the very smooth and rounded finish.


Closed system with hygiene barrier


BPA & BPS free

At a glance
  • The "Vacuum Seal" technology creates a 100%ige barrier against pathogens and contamination of the breast milk as well as protecting the breastpump against penetrating breast milk
  • Made of high-quality BPA-free polypropylene
  • Different breast shell sizes and the Optiflow massage insert are also available
  • Including milk bottle, 150 ml

one mum pumpset 72h

Sterile pumpset for hospitals

The One Mum pumpset 72h provides optimal conditions for use in the hospital. The pumpset can be used without sterilisation, only requiring appropriate cleaning by the mother, for 72 hours. Saves costs and resources as well as being externally validated. Already successfully used in many hospitals.


ardo clinicare

Single-use or 24-h pumpset sterile

The Ardo Clinicare pumpset is suitable for high-yield and gentle expressing of breast milk. It is sterile packed, easy to clean and designed for one mother. The Clinicare pumpset also works with a closed pump system based on the established "Vacuum Seal" technology from Ardo. The hygiene barrier in the breast shell itself protects the breast milk and the breastpump against contamination and cross-contamination.


ardo easy cup

Feeding cup

The Ardo Easy Cup is suitable as an alternative feeding method for babies that are having difficulties breastfeeding. Using the cup does not risk nipple confusion in the baby, which may occur with bottle feeding.


BPA & BPS free

At a glance
  • For babies with suction and attachment problems
  • For children with cleft lip and cleft palate
  • For weak, sick and premature infants
  • Can be used by healthcare professionals and parents
  • With volume scale and sealing cap

ardo clinistore

Single-use milk bottles

Using the bottles specially designed for single use, precious breast milk can be collected and stored. The sterile and the ready-to-use bottles can be used immediately without any preparation.


BPA & BPS free

At a glance
  • Expressing–Storing–Feeding
  • Single use
  • Sterile or ready-to-use
  • Compatible with all Ardo pumpsets
  • Four sizes: 50 ml, 80 ml, 120 ml, 250 ml

ardo glass bottle

Glass bottle for hospitals

Many hospitals rely on tried and true glass bottles for storing breast milk. With Ardo glass bottles, we provide you with premium quality and carefully manufactured glass bottles.

At a glance
  • Keeps breast milk warm longer
  • Preference in many hospitals
  • Scaling up to 130 ml
  • Includes screw cap