ardo care compresses

Breast compresses

For natural care and support in the treatment of sore, irritated or painful nipples during breastfeeding.


ardo care balm

Vegan nipple cream

This vegan nipple cream helps care for dry, sensitive or sore nipples when breastfeeding. It soothes and calms, and keeps the skin soft and supple.


ardo care lanolin

Nipple cream

Protects and cares for sensitive and dry nipples of breastfeeding mothers.


ardo tulips sterile

Nipple shields

The nipple shields support problem-free breastfeeding by making it easier for the baby to latch on and to protect and soothe sore nipples. The baby can smell its mother up close thanks to the special tulip shape.

At a glance
  • Sterile, individually packaged
  • For suction and attachment problems
  • Also ideal for flat or inverted nipples
  • Facilitates suction for premature babies
  • For sore and painful nipples
  • Available in sizes S, M and L

Do you need non-sterile nipple shields for hospital use?

We sell non-sterile Tulips in bulk up to 100 pairs. We also provide empty storage boxes for hospital use of up to 25 units.

ardo day & night pads

Single-use breast pads

The Day & Night Pads provide the best security when breastfeeding and feel comfortable against the skin over the whole breast. The combination of maximum protection and a comfortable feeling gives mothers just what they need during the demanding breastfeeding period.

At a glance
  • Unique side leakage protection for maximum security day and night
  • Special absorbent core
  • Additional leakage barriers
  • Secure grip
  • Perfect fit thanks to the 3D design
  • Dry feeling even with a heavy milk flow
  • Soft and comfortable against the skin
  • Hygienic individual packaging

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