ardo birth concept

The innovative companion for a gentle birth

The unique concept aims to support mother and baby during pregnancy and enable a birth that is as gentle and stress-free as possible.


ardo natal perimassage

Perineal massage fluid

The natural perineum massage fluid combined with perineal massage to encourage blood flow increases the elasticity of the perineal tissue and ideally prepares expectant mothers for a vaginal birth. The risk of perineal tears and episiotomies is lowered.


ardo natal anti-stretch

Anti stretch-mark cream

The cream moisturises and cares for stressed skin. The optimal combination of wheat germ oil and hyaluronic acid makes the skin smoother and more supple. Used regularly, it prevents the development of stretch marks and reduces their effect.


Amniotic membrane perforators

The amniotic membrane perforator is a safe and comfortable method to rupture the amniotic membrane. The amniotic membrane perforators are thoroughly tested using stringent inspection systems to ensure high quality.

At a glance
  • Rounded and protected tip to perforate the amniotic membrane without endangering mother or child.
  • Single use, sterilised and individually packaged for comfortable use.
  • 26.5 cm long, with ergonomically shaped sides and a non-slip surface for secure handling.
  • Latex-free.

Umbilical cord clamp

The precision umbilical cord clamp is hygienic, safe and reliable to use. After the birth, the umbilical cord can be clamped to prevent blood loss in the newborn baby.

At a glance
  • Safe single-use item, easy to use.
  • Non-slip surfaces on both sides prevents slippage during use.
  • Seals absolutely securely and exerts even pressure, regardless of the diameter and contraction of the umbilical cord.
  • The guard on the hinge holds the umbilical cord between the toothed surfaces and fixes it permanently.
  • The clamp has a smooth surface that does not become entangled in the newborn baby’s clothing or bed linen.

Brochure obstetric products

In our complete brochure, you will find an overview of all obstetric products from the amniotic membrane perforator to umbilical cord clamps to urine specimen bags.

Umbilical cord clamp clipper

The umbilical cord clamp clipper was developed to sever the specially constructed hinge of the umbilical cord clamp and to remove it from the baby.

At a glance
  • Safe and simple handling.
  • The concealed cutting surface protects the baby from injury.
  • Single-use prevents the risk of cross-contamination.

Urine specimen bag

The PVC-free urine specimen bags are the first choice when it comes to comfort, protection and care of delicate skin. Our sophisticated system for urine collection can be used for babies and children of all ages and sexes.

At a glance
  • Different shapes and sizes to satisfy the most stringent requirements.
  • Standard or perforated adhesive surfaces (latex-free) ensure easy and precise application.
  • Comfortable and suitable for both male and female anatomy.
  • The double-chamber construction with non-return-flow valve keeps the urine away from the skin and prevents skin irritation.
  • To send the urine sample to the laboratory, the adhesive surface can be stuck together.
Ardo_Urine_Bag_Preemie_B2B Birth_Product_700x700.png

Vacuum extractor complete set

Are you familiar with our complete set for obstetrics? The set with the soft Silc Cup silicone suction cups combined with our Ardo Senator surgical aspirator is perfectly suited for use in obstetrics.