ardo bellis

Breastpump for hire

The robust construction and the userfriendly operation make Ardo Bellis the ideal rental pump at home and on the go.

The integrated bottle holder is very practical and provides a stable hold for the milk bottles. The touch display is easy to use, very discreet in the night and well visible in daylight. Thanks to the smooth surface and the rounded edges Ardo Bellis is simple and quick to clean.


Automatic Power Pumping

Ardo Bellis is the world's first breastpump with an automatic Power Pumping programme. This imitates the baby's cluster feeding. This sucking behaviour occurs when the baby is in a growth phase, for example, and demands the breast more often. With this behaviour, the baby naturally stimulates milk production.

The automatic Power Pumping of the Ardo Bellis is a predefined one-hour interval pumping consisting of three pumping phases and two pause phases. While the duration of the pumping and pausing phases is predefined, you can adjust the vacuum and cycle settings to your personal needs at any time.

Power Pumping is a method recommended by professionals to increase milk quantity and stabilise fluctuating milk quantities.


Memory Plus

Your pumping pattern is a very individual combination of suction strength (vacuum) and suction frequency (cycle) with different durations. Once you have found the ideal settings that make your milk flow best, you can save them by pressing the Memory Plus button. This function saves the entire pumping history and automatically recalls it the next time pumping takes place.

You can exit the Memory Plus function at any time by manually changing the vacuum or cycle. It is possible to save a new pumping cycle (touch the Memory Plus button until an acoustic signal sounds) and to delete the saved cycle (touch and hold the Memory button) at any time.


At a glance

Efficient, simple to use, safe and easy to clean - Ardo Bellis is the ideal breastpump for hire.


Automatic Power Pumping


Memory Plus


Integrated battery


Vacuum and cycle can be adjusted separately


Closed system




Product scope

A - Ardo Bellis breastpump

B - Power adapter with USB cable

C - Integrated bottle holder

D - Connection port for pumpset

E - Connection opening for USB power adapter

Ardo Bellis is a multi-user breastpump for hire. Therefore the pumpset is not included, as every mother will get their own pumpset.

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Additional highlights

Optimal safety, hygiene and individual adaptability:

"Closed System" technology

The silicone pot integrated into the Ardo pumpsets is the heart of our "Closed System" technology. It ensures 100% barrier for breast milk and even for pathogens. The "Closed System" technology protects the breasts, breast milk and the breastpump from contamination and guarantees optimal hygiene. Various individual parts such as the tube do not have to be boiled or sterilised.

Individual phases

Ardo Bellis simulates baby's sucking behaviour and pumps in two phases - stimulation mode and pumping mode. The stimulation mode with fast cycle (suction frequency) and deep vacuum (suction strength) stimulates breast milk to flow or triggers the milk let-down reflex. Then the pumping mode with slow cycle (suction frequency) and high, comfortable vacuum (suction strength) enables efficient expressing of breast milk. Ardo Bellis always starts in stimulation mode with gentle settings and switches to the pumping mode automatically or manually after 2 minutes.

In both phases, you can choose between 8 vacuum levels and 8 independent cycle levels, for a total of 64 different settings per phase. In this way, Ardo Bellis adapts to the individual needs of the mother at all times.

Rechargeable battery

Thanks to the integrated battery, you can use Ardo Bellis at home, at work or anywhere else. The rechargeable battery allows you to pump up to 8 times. Ardo Bellis is fully charged after about 2 hours, but can also be charged while pumping. However, this increases the loading time.